Industrial factory buildings are made of pre-engineered steel buildings, in addition to the design made from load-bearing steel structures, the cover system is an extremely important part of the project. Because the cover system determines the aesthetics, the function of use as well as the preservation of machinery and equipment in the factory.

The important role of the factory cover system

The cover system helps to ensure safety, avoiding impacts from the surrounding environment such as severe weather. At the same time, it helps to reduce the power consumption of the factory due to its heat resistance and combined with the ventilation and cooling system of the factory.

What is the cover system of a steel structure project?

The covering system consists of the roof and pre-engineered steel building walls combined from the corrugated iron roof system and the insulation layer by airbag or glass wool to help prevent heat and noise for the factory. The roofing system includes corrugated iron. roof, wall corrugated iron, corrugated iron and accompanying accessories such as corrugated iron and corrugated iron screws

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