Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings using steel structure is a smart and modern solution. It saves construction time and cost, and the construction is also durable and sturdy. Therefore, buildings using steel structures are increasingly preferred for large-scale and diverse construction projects.

What is Steel Structure?

Structural steel is a pre-engineered steel building structure linked by steel structures of various shapes and sizes. The steel structure has high bearing characteristics, resistant to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the type of construction made of steel structure will be very strong and will not consume as much material as other types of structures such as concrete or wood. And it is because of these outstanding advantages that steel structures are always preferred by design engineers when constructing projects.

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Common types of steel structure

The steel frame structure is widely used and popular for all kinds of buildings such as warehouses, factories, industrial plants, commercial centers, office buildings, conference centers, and other infrastructure projects. Traffic such as airports, railway stations…Here are the typical steel structures:

  • Framework: beams and columns
  • Grid structure: dome and grid structure
  • Beam bridge
  • Cable-stayed bridge
  • Trigger structure: bar or truss
  • Arch bridge
  • Arch architecture
  • Swing bridge
  • Trigger bridge: truss structure

5 reasons you should choose a structural steel

Due to possessing the following advantages, structural steel has become a popular choice of application widely used in the construction industry.

  • Safety Guaranteed

Because the steel structures are manufactured entirely in the factory. Process design and production are self-contained, strictly compliant, and safe with highly experienced and skilled staff. This helps control and manage the construction and installation process in absolute safety.

  •  Save money and time

Building pre-engineered steel buildings using structure Steel has the most prominent advantage of saving design and material costs compared to other types of construction. Besides, the erection of steel frame structural members also takes place quickly, saving time and labor costs.

  • Flexibility

Projects and works using steel structure models are very versatile because steel structures are erected and linked together by bolts and screws. , Heal. So the adjustment is very easy to expand or combine with other materials such as concrete, and wood to suit the needs of customers.

  • High durability

The steel structure is a very durable construction if using quality materials. Strong bearing capacity, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and natural disasters such as storms, wind, earthquakes… Not subject to mold, termites, or fast aging like other building materials.

  • Creativity and aesthetics

Steel structures are manufactured in many different shapes, suitable for many technical requirements as well as the aesthetics of projects with multiple frames. floors, large span buildings such as gymnasiums, exhibition halls, airport terminals….

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  • Has great bearing capacity
  • Quick to put into use
  • Sustainable construction
  • High industrialization
  • Easy in transportation, construction and repair
  • Cost savings

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