Therefore, our Occupational Safety Department has devised a new strategy for planning and training human resources for safety.

First of all, building a sustainable Safety – Health – Working environment system by:

1.  Specify the obligations, responsibilities, and necessary occupational safety measures for the workforce. This includes the provision and use of safety equipment, a plan to safely perform duties, and inspection and use of appropriate tools.

2. Site personnel should ensure that materials, equipment, and tools brought into the site meet minimum safety standards.

3. Organize training at all levels, from managers, and foremen to workers. Subcontractors and their workers must also be well-trained in safety procedures because it is possible that one group of workers can have a significant impact on the safety of another.

4. There should be a quick information system for site managers about unsafe jobs and defects in machinery and equipment.

5. Fully assign tasks on occupational safety and health to each specific person.

1. Create a safe working environment – No injury or occupational disease for employees or contractors

2. Create safe work – No problem in production, processing, installation

3. Create a sense of occupational safety among workers – Build banning, warning, instructive, and emergency signs at the factory and construction site appropriately.


Triviet Steel Buildings is committed to developing a sustainable safety system. Through compliance with legal regulations and standards on environmental protection and labor safety. In addition, we also create the highest benefits for employees, pay fair wages, train and develop human resources, develop the community in a way that benefits both businesses and employees.