• Experience: Over 2 years of experience
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Gender: Male
  • Specialized: Graduated from universities specializing in Construction Engineering or Engineering from universities such as Construction University, Transport University, Architecture University…
  • English: Proficient in specialized English for Construction.
  • 10 years of experience in quantity control, especially in TENDER PACKAGE DISTRIBUTION, CHANGE ORDER MANAGEMENT, TENDER PACKAGE CONTROL, FINAL ACCOUNTING, COMPILATION OF DOCUMENTATION, and QUANTITY SURVEYING. Of which, 3 – 5 years in the position of Manager / Deputy Manager.
  • Possess professional expertise and quick thinking, strong communication and management skills. Familiar with industry standards, regulations, and design standards.
  • Experience and competence in job and personnel management, report synthesis for the Leadership Board.
  • Able to handle high job pressure and always proactive in problem-solving.


  • Regulations of the Labor Law.
  • Company-specific mode (Travel, etc.).
  • Satisfactory salary – depending on the capacity.
  • Rewards on public holidays.
  • Professional and friendly working environment.
  • Development policy fair and transparent.
  • Business trips abroad.


  • Manage the QS (Quantity Surveying) team on the project.
  • Interact with QS professionals from various stakeholders: Clients, Consultants, Supervisors, and Subcontractors.
  • Based on the project schedule and direction of the Project Manager, inspect and urge to achieve the best quality and progress of construction work on the Project.
  • Direct and coordinate with the warehouse team, construction crew, and address material usage and on-site construction issues.
  • Provide guidance on systematized document storage, maintain orderly records, and equipment.
  • Receive and proactively address all responsibilities related to the QS team leader’s role.
  • Regularly update monitoring reports from field engineers and on-site consultants.
  • Calculate, compare, and cross-reference the quantities between the confirmed on-site volume report, the design quantity, and the quantity based on test result reports.
  • Promptly report calculation results to the management when discrepancies or significant differences in actual quantities and design quantities are observed (compared to test results if available). Reports may be on a daily, weekly, monthly, or upon completion of work section basis (as specified for each project).
  • Compile relevant legal documents, payment conditions, and summarize quantities for interim payments and project payments to subcontractors, following project regulations.
  • Plan and conduct regular or ad-hoc site inspections.
  • Handle price adjustments if necessary.
  • Aggregate actual quantities performed based on general and specific project conditions to establish the foundation for finalizing construction volume, project section settlement, and settlement of construction work items.

Salary: Negotiate


Deadline for submission:31/10/2023



  • Job application.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Residential registration, identity card or citizen identification card, and health check certificate.
  • Relevant qualifications.


  1. Contact phone numbers: (+84.28) 6298.5703 – 0379.297.991 (Contact Ms. Thư – HR Department).

Email for submitting applications: thuvtb@trivietsteel.com

  1. Submit your application in person at: Floor 2, Building No. 198 Bau Cat, Ward 11, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam