Core Value

- Human resources are the most valuable assets, building a professional working environment, bright
creative, dynamic and humanistic. Share your interests, create favorable conditions for yourself,
Increasing benefits for members is a top priority in the HR strategy
the company.
- Build and maintain Prestige as the greatest value for business
It is the honor of each member of Tri Viet. Wealth is built and maintained
By commitments and efforts with the highest sense of responsibility
fulfilled their commitments. We build and maintain Prestige
Products and services by meeting the quality and schedule as committed and always
meet the standards beyond the expectations of customers.


- Build a team with self-learning, continuous improvement and improvement features
Innovative, applied new technologies to manage and produce better, reliability and quality are more and more increasing.
- Excellent employees, career mastery is the foundation for sustainable development
of the business. In Tri Viet, staffs are carefully selected, training articles, the standard working system will help build the team with the people
elite and skilled, dedicated to the profession to create good products


- In Tri Viet, efficiency and speed are the measure of each job.
All actions must be fast and accurate. This can only be achieved when multiplying
well trained and employed in a good performance system
, often improved. We also emphasize accuracy and speed
In decisions to ensure the timely process to create the highest efficiency
in project.

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